From the Principal's Desk

Our mission is to transform the world through education. This idealistic goal is what inspires everyone at Sri Aurobindo College (Evening), be it faculty or staff, students or alumni or our supporters and partners. This prominent goal is what instigates the efforts of our students and teachers, which is revealed in our high quality teaching and research.

Our belief is that every child deserves equal educational opportunities and high-quality education, which is also a basic human right, regardless of his/her economic condition, birthplace, religion, caste, creed and the color of the skin. Our aspiration is to provide copious educational and co-curricular opportunities to our students, which we believe is the most central obligation we owe to our country’s youth, especially being a government funded college.

Our diverse society, in terms of culture, economic background, ethnicity etc. provides both the challenges and the opportunities, several of which remain untapped, making it one of the most significant obligations of social service institution like ours to accomplish. Indian youth is blessed with apex educational potential, which can be realized overtime through quality support by outstanding educational institutions like Sri Aurobindo College (Evening).

Our biggest aim is indeed not only to ‘teach’ students the ‘information’, but to impart ‘knowledge’ in order to make them cable of ‘thinking’ themselves and ‘motivate’ them enough to become self-reliant and a unique and valuable resource for the society. Though this objective, we destine to achieve the broader societal goal of human development and to hold true to the aim of Sri Aurobindo to inspire the youth to awaken not only mentally, but also spiritually