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  Right to Information Act (RTI) - Manual
MANUAL 5 : Rules, Regulation, Instructions, Manuals and Records for Discharging Functions
1. Statutes of the University of Delhi as contemplated in Section 29(1) of the Delhi University Act, 1922
2. Ordinance of the University as contemplated under Section 30 of the Delhi University Act, 1922

Regulations / instructions for admission and examination regarding all the courses (under-graduate / post-graduate / research) of studies.  

4. University Non-teaching Employees (Terms and Conditions of Service) Rules, 1971.

Various rules / instructions concerning personnel management for the teaching and non-teaching staff as approved by the University and adopted by the Governing Body


Fundamental Rules and Supplementary Rules of Government of India except where the University has its own provisions with regard to teaching and non-teaching staff