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First Appellate Authority : Dr. Prashant Kumar         Principal(OSD) Phone No.: 011-41751306
  Public Information Officer (PIO): Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Mishra Phone No.: (+91-9810828033)
  Right to Information Act (RTI) - Manual
MANUAL 6 : A Statement of the Categories of Documents that are Held by it for Under its Control

Official Documents and their Availability

1. The College prospectus and the annual report are published every year
2. University Calendar - Vol. I dealing with Statutory provisions can be accessed at Delhi University website http://aurobindoe.du.ac.in
3. University Calendar - Vol. II dealing with various courses

NB. Matters pertaining to examination (confidential), paper setting, evaluation of scripts and consequent procedures ; composition and proceedings of the selection committees are confidential and not available in public domain