Vision of Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) is based on the philosophy of Sri Aurobindo.  The objectives and tasks are based on ground realities of the college.
"To create a new world of Truth, Power, Oneness, Peace, Contentment, Love, Knowledge for Development to discover the true individual self, universal self and transcendent self."




The mission document is based on the vision and role of the college as an educational and welfare institution in this global environment.
"To provide quality education of global standard without discriminating between rich and poor, race, region, religion, sex  and keeping in mind the culture and tradition blended with modern technology for human development and co-existence."




To convert the vision and mission into reality, Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) aims to provide education to all on the basis of merit through its Bachelor degree programmes like B.Com.(H),, B.A.(H) Applied Psychological Science, B.A.(H) Hindi, B.A. (prog). It is the individual who makes efforts to bring transformation in society for the better, and the College through its holistic education attempts to prepare such individuals. Our physical, vital and mental nature are filled with limitations that need to be transformed in this fast changing global world. Since its inception Sri Aurobindo College (Evening) has been diligently working to accomplish the following:-
- To achieve good performance within limited resources.
- To be creative in this fast changing environment and make an impact on quality of life.
- To develop human resources of this institution as a work force of global standards.
- To develop synergy by blending traditional values of Sri Aurobindo with modern
   technology ensuring a strong foundation for sustainable growth.